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"Partner with us and help to provide for the future care of loved ones"

Corporate Companions

By partnering with Florence Nightingale Hospice Charity as a Corporate Companion, you and your employees are helping to provide for the future care of local families and their loved ones

Why partner with us?

Florence Nightingale Hospice Charity is a charity that people can relate to. Many of your staff, customers, shareholders and members will experience the death of someone close to them from a life-limiting or terminal illness such as cancer, and may need the specialist care and support which Florence Nightingale Hospice offers.

By linking your company name with Florence Nightingale Hospice Charity, you will be associated with an organisation known for its support and funding of local Hospice services and excellence in clinical care and education. 

We rely on the incredible generosity and support of our corporate partners to help keep both in-patient and at-home services running locally, which costs Florence Nightingale Hospice Charity over £750,000 each year to fund.

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Contact us on 01296 429975 or email fundraising@fnhospice.org.uk

Supporting a good cause can REALLY help your business

Working with us can improve how customers view your brand according to a study by financial services organisation, Foresters. It’s reported “consumers are more likely to use businesses that support good causes” with 89% of consumers thinking businesses should support a charity, and 47% of these saying they are more likely to buy from those companies.

The difference YOU can make

This year, Florence Nightingale Hospice Charity has pledged to provide over £750,000 towards the costs of vital palliative care services, which include:

 - The Florrie’s Children’s Team – costs £100,000 a year to keep running; giving care and support in the home to children (from birth to 19) and their families affected by life-limiting illness often 'round the clock'

 - Lymphoedema Clinic –improving patients’ physical discomfort and mobility by reducing swelling often associated with life-limiting illness such as cancer

 - Day Hospice – Complementary therapies, treatments and relaxation technique – help bring patients together. A Day Hospice session costs around £130 per patient to fund

 - Nightingale 24/7 Care Team - a 24-hour home-based care and support service for those at the end of life providing 'hands-on' care at a time when it is needed most

 - Discharge Liaison Nurse - to help patients make the transition from the hospice back home; offering advice and support along the way

  - Bank Nurses – providing holiday and relief cover in the In-Patient Unit

 - Part-funding - of the Specialist Community Palliative Care Nursing Team

 - Volunteers - their support is invaluable

 And all the other small enhancements which make Hospice care so special

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