Florence Nightingale Hospice Charity Buckinghamshire

"Help support the Hospice by shopping with us"


Florence Nightingale Hospice Shops are located in
  • Aylesbury – Charity Shop
  • Chinnor – Charity Shop
  • Furniture Showroom, Chamberlain Road (off Bicester Rd)
  • Thame - Charity Shop
  • Wendover – Charity Shop
  • Winslow – Charity Shop
  • Walton Court, Aylesbury – Charity Shop
  • eBay Shop & Agency (at Chamberlain Road)
The purpose of our Shops is to raise as much income as possible for Florence Nightingale Hospice, as well as raising the profile in each local community that we serve.

We have an eBay Shop to list suitable donated items to an international market. At the same time we offer an agency service if you don’t have the time or expertise to sell on eBay yourself and charge a commission which adds to our charitable funds.Our shops accept good quality donations of ladies fashions, mens and childrens clothing, accessories, bric-a-brac, household goods, CDs etc. for re-sale.

We have a Furniture Showroom and Distribution Centrein Chamberlain Road, Aylesbury where we are able to accept donated items of furniture that are also available for sale. Collection and delivery can be discussed with the shop manager. We can also collect items of bric-a-brac and clothing.

Each of our Charity Shops is run by a professional manager and a volunteer team. They work very hard to present an exciting place to shop and each day our teams will put out over 50 new items for sale in each shop.

Without our volunteers, our shops would not be so successful. We are always looking for new volunteers to help us so please download the leaflet or go to our volunteering page for further information.

5 Things to Think About When Giving to a Charity Shop

  1. Charity shops work because they can sell items with a second life. Please check your donations are both clean and functional e.g. tears or broken zips on clothes – missing chapters in books!
  2. You are helping a good cause AND the environment – re-use is even better than recycling!
  3. The best way to donate is to take items directly to our shop, preferably not to the hospice or fundraising offices.
  4. If you have more specialist items, for example, electrical goods or furniture, please either deliver to the Furniture Warehouse or contact us on 01296 393963
  5. If you are not sure whether your clothes can be re-sold – donate them anyway – whatever clothes the shop cannot sell we can send off for further re-use or recycling!
  6. Gift Aid it! We receive an extra 25p for every pound spent.

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