Above, left to right: FNHC’s Head of Fundraising, Jo Turner, Health Care Assistant Jeanette Burnham, Patrick Fealey of the Berkhampsted & Boxmoor (BT) Benevolent Society and Ward Sister Kate Lee.

The Florence Nightingale Hospice team were delighted last week to learn that the Berkhampsted & Boxmoor (BT) Benevolent Society have granted the Hospice £10,000 for refurbishment and upgrading of two important rooms in the Hospice.

‘Room 15’ currently has a couple of Z-beds for family members to use to stay overnight, but is mainly used for storage. Staff would like to make this a comfortable space for family members who have a patient nearing the end of life so that they can remain close but also possibly catch a few hours’ sleep. In addition, there is an en suite bathroom in the room that could be re-decorated and made usable so that they could have a shower at the Hospice rather than needing to go home and possibly miss the final moments with their loved one.

“We think that a nice sofa bed, a lick of paint, homely bedding, a few towels, a chest of drawers and some nice toiletries for the bathroom would make it comfortable,” said Tracey O’Hara, Head of People and Development based at Florence Nightingale Hospice.

The other room, known as ‘The Quiet Room’, has not been updated for a number of years and is very clinical in feel and unwelcoming. This is the room to which patients who have died can be moved if necessary so that family can have time for reflection and to say goodbye. Staff would like to re-decorate the room, and add warmer elements such as curtains, chairs and accessories to make it more comfortable.

“These kinds of improvements make such a difference to family and friends of patients,” said Kate Lee, Ward Sister at Florence Nightingale Hospice. “We would like to be able to provide a nice, comfortable space for people to stay overnight if they really need to. Any comfort we can add to what we already do is important as family members are going through such a tough time and we know these things really help them to cope.”

Patrick Fealey, Secretary of the Society, came to the Hospice to present the cheque for £10,000 to Kate and Health Care Assistant Jeanette Burnham who will be helping to implement the two projects funded by the Society.