Challenge laid down and challenge accepted…congratulations! You may be freestyling down the Thames or tackling 26.2 miles of London’s landmarks but as your JustGiving page clocks up the cash there is expectancy on your shoulders.

Injuries can occur with increased training so we asked Chartered Physiotherapist Andy McCrea at Elite Physical Medicine for some tips on getting challenge-ready.

1. Mix it up!

Avoid overuse injuries by mixing your training. Whatever your challenge you can increase your aerobic training with activities such as swimming, cycling or rowing for around 45 minutes at a moderate pace.

2. Roll with it!

Cycling and running are very repetitive movements which result in muscles becoming shortened. Your training programme may not give you much time to recover so invest in a foam roller and complement your stretching by rolling those tight muscles.

3. Prep!

Introducing a new variable such as brand new trainers, socks or even a different type of energy bar or drink on event day can upset you physically and mentally. Use your training runs to trial different nutrition and wardrobe options!

4. Don’t be a hero

Do not be a slave to your programme. If you’ve got a niggling injury – listen to your body and take some time out. Speak to any of the team at Elite for specialist advice and injury management.

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