We’ve got guaranteed places for Milton Keynes Marathon 2019!
Would you like to support Florence Nightingale Hospice Charity by running the Milton Keynes Marathon in 2019? Have you got what it takes to compete in this amazing event? If so, we want to hear from you!We will help you by:

  • promoting your fundraising page and events
  • offering advice on how to fundraise or get more sponsorship

For more information, please contact Teresa King on 01296 429975 or teresaking@fnhospice.org.uk.

Why run for us?

Because without the contributions of people like you who do challenges like this for our Charity, without your fundraising help, the Florence Nightingale Hospice could not provide all the services it does to those in our community who need end of life care in the Hospice or at home, or who need support to live with life-limiting or terminal illness. We could not provide care in their own homes for sick children whose families need a break or time to care for siblings, or provide comfort and a listening ear when people are bereaved. And much more.

Penny, MK Half Marathon runner 2017

“When my second child, Olivia (now 22) was born, she very quickly developed a rare and life-threatening illness that went on in it’s risk stage for 4 years. We were so lucky that she survived. We received support from children’s nurses locally at Stoke Mandeville Hospital. They went over and above their duty and organised some respite care for us among themselves. This greatly supported us as a family. This was before the Florries Team existed at the hospice. Now that it does, I want to raise funds to support the team who can offer respite care to other parents of very sick children.”

Lyndon, MK Marathon runner 2017

“I decided to run for the Florence Nightingale Hospice, as my Dad was in there for a couple of weeks, before passing away. I obviously visited a few times, and saw what a great job all the staff/volunteers do.”