COVID-19 has made this a very tough year for everyone in our community, and continues to impact on all our lives. We are now facing a challenging winter, which would be all the more daunting without the hard work and commitment of the staff across Buckinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust. 

With fundraising opportunities limited due to social distancing restrictions and an increase in the demand for services and equipment this year, we have teamed up with our partners at Buckinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust Charitable Fund to launch the Nightingale's Rainbow Appeal to raise money to help our healthcare services support patients and their families in Buckinghamshire this winter.

A new structural installation at Stoke Mandeville hospital, funded by local organisations, will be the focal point of the campaign. Nightingale's Rainbow will consist of an arch covered with thousands of tiles in rainbow colours, reflecting the symbol which has become synonymous with the public recognition for the tireless work of healthcare staff during the crisis.

Each Rainbow Tile is available to be sponsored by the public to raise money for the two charities. Please support healthcare in your local area, and be part of this amazing new landmark and sponsor a Rainbow Tile today.

Click here to Sponsor a Rainbow Tile.