Corporate or private sponsorship of events is a huge help to the Charity because it covers some of the costs of holding the event, meaning that more of the money raised by the event can go to pay for services at Florence Nightingale Hospice.

Florence Nightingale Hospice Charity has a very special connection with the local community, and we know that companies which advertise at or sponsor our events benefit from the association with our organisation. Not only that, you will be reaching your local audience at a time when they are emotionally engaged with the Charity and the event, whether they are having fun with friends and family, or remembering loved ones in whose memory they are doing the event and fundraising for the Hospice.

Click on the headers below to find out more about the opportunities available.

Sponsor 700 Colour Rush 2018 T-shirts for just £1,200 and reach not only the 600 or so Colour Rushers, but volunteers, supporters and a wider audience in Buckinghamshire.

Last year, our Colour Rush adverts and posts were seen by over 24,000 people on Facebook - which means your branding on the front of the T-shirts would have reached all those people too.

The T-shirt sponsor also gets their logo on Colour Rush posters, leaflets and vinyl banners as well as the 48-sheet billboard advert on the outside of Friars Square multi-storey carpark by Aylesbury Station a part of the package.

Your logo on our Colour Rush Facebook Cover Photo

Cover a Colour Station with your branding and choose your colour to create a really memorable association with Florence Nightingale Hospice.

Sponsor both waves for just £525 or one wave for £290.

Sponsor the Runner Numbers for £400 and get your logo or strapline on the front or back of every Colour Rusher.

As with the T-shirts, this offers you the opportunity to get your brand in front of all the Colour Rushers, supporters, volunteers and everyone who sees any marketing or social media activity around the event.

  • Logo on Colour Rush posters - £100 (Or free with T-shirt Sponsorship)
  • “In association with…” mention on Colour Rush radio advertisement - £250
  • Full page advert in October FNHC Newsletter - £175 (or just £50 with T-shirt Sponsorship)
Mention of your brand in PR channels – Bucks Herald editorial, Mix 96 coverage, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook Message of thanks and your logo on our Colour Rush pages on our website