Corporate or private sponsorship of events is a huge help to the Charity because it covers some of the costs of holding the event, meaning that more of the money raised by the event can go to pay for services at Florence Nightingale Hospice.

Florence Nightingale Hospice Charity has a very special connection with the local community, and we know that companies which advertise at or sponsor our events benefit from the association with our organisation.

Not only that, you will be reaching your local audience at a time when they are emotionally engaged with the Charity and the event, whether they are having fun with friends and family, or remembering loved ones in whose memory they are doing the event and fundraising for the Hospice.

We run a number of large events throughout the year including;

We can offer various sponsorship packages to suit your business from sponsoring beer barrels at our annual Beer Festival to sponsoring the medals at our Midnight Walk.

Get in touch with us on 01296 429 975 or email to discuss the opportunities available.