Florrie’s Children’s Team is a team of qualified nurses and carers who offer support to children with life-limiting illnesses, in their own home.

They care for children and young people up to 18 years of age in their own homes, working alongside the families to provide individualised care for each child.   This enables the family to have space and time for themselves in the ongoing role of caring for their sick child at home. The care is determined according to the individual circumstances and may vary from occasional to regular visits. The visits may be during the daytime, evenings or nights if necessary. There is also support available for the brothers and sisters of the sick child if required. Close liaison occurs with the other professionals involved with the care of the child to ensure continuity of care. Families are given the opportunity to take time out from caring for their sick child, often around the clock. Florrie's nurses and carers are able to take on the care of the child in the home, while quality time is spent as a family, particularly with other siblings. This respite care brings some normality back into family life for a short while, providing direct and indirect support of the sick child and of the whole family. The team supports families across Buckinghamshire, Bedfordshire and parts of Oxfordshire.
Any professional or care worker who knows the child/young person and has the parents’ permission may make a referral for consideration of care.
The Florrie’s Children’s Team Lead will arrange to visit the family to assess the individual needs of them and the child. If it is then appropriate to offer the services of the team and the care needs can be met, an introductory visit from the allocated member of staff will be arranged. The frequency of visits will depend on the requirements of the family and the availability of staff. The relationship between the team and the family will continue to develop for as long as necessary throughout the child’s life. End of life care for the child and bereavement support for the family is part of the service offered. The team can also advise on other appropriate services available.
The service is fully funded by the Florence Nightingale Hospice Charity and is free of charge to the families.