Our Hospice volunteers are an invaluable support to the nursing and medical staff. Our volunteers are one of the key factors that make Hospice care so special, and different from being in a hospital.

They provide comfort and a warm welcome to our patients and their families by offering refreshments, companionship and a friendly face when people visit the Hospice. They may lend a hand to the nurses, or chat to the patients in the In-Patient Unit or Day Hospice.

Outside, the Gardeners create a beautiful and peaceful environment for patients and families in the Hospice garden, and have won awards from passers-by as well as the Aylesbury in Bloom judges.

Our volunteer Therapists offer services such as reiki massage and beauty treatments, and we even have a chiropodist and a hairdresser who give their time to help patients look and feel good.

Weekend Hospice volunteers usually give a few hours on a Saturday or Sunday to help care for our in-patients and their families or lend a hand to the nurses. Volunteers to help in the mornings, serve tea and cake in the afternoons or be a meet and greeter to visitors and telephone callers during the afternoon and early evening.

What volunteering roles are there in the Hospice?

  • Receptionist
  • Day Hospice Helper
  • Volunteer Driver (Day Hospice)
  • Patient Companion
  • Gardener
  • Hairdresser
  • Bereavement Listener
  • Meet & Greet Volunteer
  • Complementary Therapists
  • General Helper
  • Afternoon Tea Volunteer
  • Podiatrist

Contact Us

To get involved, please give our Voluntary Services team a ring on 01296 332600 or email volunteering@fnhospice.org.uk or please click here to complete a short form to request an application form and more information.